"We see each of you. We see the self-starters, the busy parents, the new hires, and the night owls — each with different ambitions, hustling towards unique pursuits. It's clear you're anything but regular. You're one of us. You're Gregulars. And that makes you family."

Gregory Zamfotis
Founder, Father, CEO and Barista


We see things differently

Our family-run business was founded with an uncompromising spirit of aiming high and never settling. We innovate endlessly to embody quality on all fronts and serve it to each of you — our Gregulars — in just the way you need.

We take care of our own because we believe you shouldn't have to choose between your time and your standards. At Gregorys, the only choice you'll have to make is what to order.


Roasted in NYC

Gregorys was founded in 2006 in Manhattan, New York with a strong focus on quality, innovative products, and world class service.

We work tirelessly to select our coffees and develop roast profiles that bring the absolute best out of each bean. We roast four days a week in our facility in Long Island City, always ensuring the freshness and quality of our brews. In addition to our usual blends, we also always carry limited edition single origin coffees that we source for their unique, exotic and special flavor profiles.


More than Coffee

Gregorys is way more than just coffee. Our pastries and packaged foods are curated by our in-house registered dietitian and prepared from scratch daily by our amazing team of bakers.

While we have a number of staple items on our menu, we take pride in constantly innovating and updating our offerings.



Gregorys Coffee is a family run company that puts people first. Joining our team means joining a community that provides an amazing experience for anyone that walks through our doors.

If you are interested in being part of a company that is focused on making everyday special for our guests and our team, apply to Gregorys.